The Floors….WOW!!! They look so nice we noticed them as soon as we walked in the door to the office. This is what we would like to see every day. Thank you for your time and help with this Brendon and I both appreciate the hard work. Thank You; Thank You; Thank You!

 – Christy Reed – Office Administrator | FedEx Ground – Lexington, KY

I wanted to thank you for the bang up job your staff did on the office we discussed on Friday. Everyone was extremely pleased with how good it looked.

I just wanted to let you know and say thank you so much.

 – Sheila A. Green | Morgan & Pottinger, P.S.C.

This is in regards to Pro-Active Cleaning. I would highly recommend this company, they have a great service but especially excel in the customer service. One time my alarms were going off and I called Robert to see if he was out and he went over for me so I didn’t have to at 2am! Highly recommended, great company!

 – Jo Moore Wallen | Lexington Tennis Club

Just wanted to let you know that the floors looked really good when we came in on Monday! Also, I’ve noticed the past couple of times the microwave in the kitchen was cleaned—that was something that I was going to tackle myself, so I’m glad I didn’t have to. Thanks again for the great job!

 – Apryl White | Hinkle Contracting

I have found ProActive Cleaning to be an awesome company that does an excellent job. Their customer service is superb and professionalism and reliability is excellent. I couldn’t recommend a more professional cleaning company.

 – Brian Chewning | Brian Chewning’s Taekwondo Academy

We have found ProActive Cleaning to be a very professional team who gets the job done, no matter what!  They are consistently reliable and we would be happy to recommend them to any and all.

– Emma Browne | Darley Farms International

We have accepted proposal from ProActive Cleaning Service. Their proposal was professional format and Robert was very professional when I/we met with him. That left an impression on our COO. Thank you.

– Kimberly Davis | TOA SE