Why Choose ProActive?

ProActive Cleaning Service is excited about offering its customers our maintenance program. Our customers are our partners, and we promise to be a productive, positive part of your operational team. And we guarantee a beautifully maintained facility.

ProActive’s customer service is built on three values:

  • Communication
  • Quality
  • Reassurance


This communication system is the backbone of our entire operation. Our communications systems provide several methods for checks and balance to guarantee communication between the customer and ProActive’s management structure every day. Solving problems quickly and efficiently can only be accomplished with precise communications.

CleanTelligent, a quality control program that utilizes state-of-the-art technology to alert ProActive whenever you need us, is one of ProActive’s strongest communication tools.

What is CleanTelligent?

Inspection and tracking software provides a username and login to our website. Submit any issues with your current email address or submit directly to CleanTelligent. All responsible personnel are notified within minutes of any ticket submitted. Our promise is to respond to submissions within 60 minutes. If the submission does not receive a prompt response, management is informed.

This is how the system works:

  1. Sign in – Each crew member is required to sign into our online system when reporting to work. The sign-in method is done wirelessly or through ProActive’s 1-800 telephone system. This system is linked directly to our management team, allowing us to monitor the crew’s attendance and obtain real time information that allows us to adjust the size and structure of each crew.
  2. District management – Our operations management team is available via phone and email at all hours every day.
  3. Emergency Contact – Our emergency contact line and our website are monitored 24 hours a day, 7 days a week by our operations team. Any additional concerns or comments can be made at any time.


DAILY INSPECTIONS – Before our crews leave each night they must complete a daily checklist. In addition to nightly scope of services, each location is assigned a seven-day project list that assures detail services are always covered. A shift supervisor inspects every cleaning job. Our crews do not leave until the supervisor or authorized team leader has dismisses the crew.

WEEKLY INSPECTIONS – Operations management conduct inspections every week. ProActive will make the necessary adjustments if more attention is needed.

BIWEEKLY INSPECTIONS – The district manager performs a complete inspection of each location, at least, every other week. This provides another perspective for operations management, and in-store management.

MONTHLY AUDITS – Every month, regional managers conduct audits on each location. The audits cover everything from the condition of the machinery to the methods being used. Any areas of concern will be addressed and adjustments will be made the following month. Each location will be contacted quarterly with a survey to provide feedback. To go a step further, our customer relations team sends monthly surveys, allowing us to gather feedback that helps ProActive achieve excellence.


Most janitorial operations do not provide the service, supervision, and management needed to achieve excellence. That’s because they know these ideals will add to their overhead or reduce their profit margin in an industry in which most contracts are awarded to the “lowest bidder.”

ProActive Cleaning Service guarantees it will not only be competitive in terms of cost, but it will be the best-qualified contractor for the task.

Our promise

With effective quality control you know:

  • Services are completed as contracted.
  • CleanTelligent messages, which are documented, receive a response within 60 minutes.
  • The building is consistently cleaner
  • Customer service will exceed your expectations.

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ProActive Cleaning Service is a locally owned cleaning company that is fully licensed, bonded and insured in Kentucky. ProActive is a company that takes pride in providing top-notch customer service with a meticulous attention to detail.

If you have any questions about ProActive’s business maintenance solutions contact us at 859-317-5985 ext. 2 or use our contact form.